2017 Talks


Blair Enns,
Win Without Pitching

Pitching, Pricing & Positioning: It's All In Your Head

In times of economic and geopolitical uncertainty, the tendency is to think the conditions of success are external. Not so, says The Win Without Pitching Manifesto author Blair Enns. In this keynote on new business success, Enns explains why the most significant barriers are mental, exploring the mindset characteristics that separate the winners from the pack. Through his contrarian Win Without Pitching lens, Enns explores the three key new business areas of free pitching, value-based pricing, and positioning to explain what the winners do — and think — that the others do not. Prepare to have your assumptions challenged.


Emma Collins,
Collins & Co

Conscious leadership and culture in creative environments.


Peter Czapp,
The Wow Company

Running a super profitable design business 


Katharine Pulford,

In-house design teams and external consultancies - their roles and challenges 


David Palmer,

Creative ambition and creative confidence

Liza Enebeis & Maartje Wensing, 
Dumbar Studio & Dept

Managing talent and culture in an international award winning design studio