Our keynote sessions will feature executive speakers from the US, Canada and Europe discussing everything from the challenges and opportunities of defining and honing your own leadership style to aligning talent and culture in dynamic design and creative environments with a profitable business strategy.



Blair Enns

Win Without Pitching

Blair Enns is the sand in the free pitching machine. Through his sales training program for creative professionals, Win Without Pitching, he is on a mission to change the way creative services are bought and sold the world over. He is the author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto (Rockbench, 2010) and Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond The Billable Hour (Rockbench, Q3 2017). Blair lives with his family in the remote mountain village of Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada. 


Peter Czapp

Co-Founder, The Wow Company

Peter Czapp loves helping design businesses grow. In 2004, he co-founded The Wow Company, an accounting firm that specialises in helping design businesses and agencies grow quicker and more sustainably. Peter loves talking about profitability and growth. 

As your business grows, it’s all too easy to lose track of profit. Peter knows what it takes to really make money in a design business. He knows the mistakes that nearly everyone makes, and how to solve them. Peter also gets to see first hand what the most profitable design agencies do differently and will be sharing the secrets of how you can build your own Super-Profitable design business during his talk. He'll also be sharing the very latest benchmark data on the sector, including traits of the top-performing design agencies.



Emma Collins

Creative Consultant, Catalyst & Coach, Collins & Co

In 2006, Emma made the conscious decision to leave her role as MD at the award-winning Bristol design agency Home. Aware of a lack of confidence in some designers and a limited understanding of the value of design with many clients, Emma felt moved to direct her energy and focus to help creative leaders know themselves, their true value and potential. 

Since then, Emma has dedicated the past decade to help creative leaders become more conscious in their roles, confident in their communication and courageous in their business goals. Fiercely passionate about the power of design and creativity, Emma believes empowering creative leaders to find their unique, authentic voices and helping them establish healthy creative cultures where people flourish, not only makes good business sense but can also have the potential to transform lives and be a power for good in the world.

Emma’s clients include creative agencies, SMEs and corporates, she has delivered leadership coaching and development programmes for clients such as Design Flanders, Gensler and the DBA. She is currently working with 22 UX&D Creative Directors at the BBC. Emma established the design incubator space Spike Design and was previously Chair of the West of England Design Forum – a regional network established to inspire and connect the design community.

Emma will be talking about conscious leadership, creative cultures, compassion and love.

Katharine Pulford

Product Development Director and Head of CMF for Logitech, Lausanne, Switzerland

Katharine is part of the Design Leadership Team that has re-defined innovation culture within Logitech, bringing ‘Design-Thinking’ to the product development process, creating new experiences across music, gaming, video, smart home, and computing, and leads a team of material design specialists across Europe, US and Asia. A designer and trend forecaster with over 16 years of industrial experience, Katharine’s specialism lies in the development of creative product strategies, blending client brand values, consumer trend foresight and carefully considered use of materials to deliver ID and UX / UI concepts and insights. 

Katharine will talk about in-house design teams - their work and collaboration with external design consultancies, and the role of both people and product in leading design for innovation at senior executive level.



David Palmer

Executive Creative Director, LOVE

A founding partner and Executive Creative Director at LOVE, a Manchester based, design-led multi-disciplinary agency, David has over 26 years of industry experience working with global brands across a broad range of design-centric projects spanning brand experience spaces, packaging, innovation, advertising and brand design.

In its time, LOVE has won just about every design award going, including several D&AD pencils, all of which sit in a stolen Tesco’s shopping trolley in LOVE’s studio. 

David has also been a judge for many leading award systems, including foreman of judges for D&AD.

Studio Dumbar 

Studio Dumbar (part of Dept) is an international agency with a Dutch heritage, specialising in visual branding. Studio Dumbar attracts talented individuals from around the world. 

The portfolio is equally diverse, encompassing work for a variety of clients both large and small – from business and government to cultural and non-profit. 

Projects span from the Dutch Police visual identity, Amsterdam Sinfonietta poster series, the non profit organization Alzheimer Nederland and the Royal Cabinet of Paintings Mauritshuis visual identity to the complete rebranding of the airline Transavia.

Since 2016 Studio Dumbar is part of Dept, an international digital network. Dept brings together the best agencies in creativity, technology and data.


Liza Enebeis

Creative Director, Studio Dumbar.

Liza is directly involved with all main projects such as the visual identity for the Royal Cabinet of Paintings Mauritshuis, Amsterdam Sinfonietta and NGO Alzheimer Nederland.

Following her studies at the Royal College of Art in London, where she received her Masters, she began her career at Pentagram in London, where she remained for several years. In 2003 she relocated to The Netherlands.

She also has a few ‘extra curricular’ activities which include: Letters to LoveLiza – an ‘agony aunt’ column where Liza dispenses wit and advice to designers all over the world; Design Rhymes – a series of pathetic poems about design; Books LoveLiza – an ongoing catalogue of images and reviews inspired by her bibliophilic tendencies; and Typeradio.org – a popular typography and design podcast channel which she co-founded and co-hosts.


Maartje Wensing

Senior Project Manager, Studio Dumbar

With a father that was a graphic designer, Maartje alway knew what she wanted to do. After her study as a graphic designer at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, she had a few short years working as a designer. But soon she found her real passion and talent in all things surrounding design; talking to clients, organizing, presenting, planning, working with designers. 

She learned all the tricks of the trade at Fabrique (a Dutch online agency) and later at SILO (Dutch branding studio). At Studio Dumbar she works on large scale rebranding projects such as Transavia, the Dutch airline, and VBMS, the subsea power cable installation company. And when she gets the time to take a break you will usually find her deep sea scuba diving in the most extraordinary places.



Charlotte Barker

Deputy MD, Dyanamo

Charlotte Barker is Deputy MD of creative branding agency Dynamo, and heads up the Client Services team. Her experience of working in creative agencies internationally has given her a global perspective on managing businesses large and small, learning the good, bad and indifferent to inform her take on best management practice. Knowing when to lead, when to listen and when to ask for help knows no borders, and Charlotte believes smooths the way to developing effective, efficient and happy teams.

Charlotte recently won the 2017 IAPI Doyenne Award, created to champion women in management who have been identified in their field as future industry leaders. 


Nathan Reilly

Managing Director, Tiny Ark

In 2012 Nathan partnered up with three filmmaker friends in the humble beginnings of Tiny Ark.

With zero skills in shooting or editing, his role through the start-up and growth stages of Tiny Ark has been to build and lead a team of directors, producers, and post-production specialists. Punching
above its weight within the production scene over the last five years, Tiny Ark has since become one of Ireland’s busiest and most respected creative video agencies, working with global brands and
advertising agencies both home abroad to produce digital video content.

Nathan is passionate about developing a team culture that excites clients and nurtures a creative, collaborative and kind workplace.

Outside of work, Nathan works hard constructing cushion forts
and lego masterpieces with his three young kids.